Dribbble and Forrst Invitation Giveaway

Update (25 FEB): lots of great entries, thank you everyone! Some of you forgot to leave Dribbble links, some already got their invites. Congratulations to Amanda, Jessica, Seth, Gregory and Kenny!

It just happened that I have equally four Dribbble and one Forrst invite in my pocket. I believe there are people who are still looking for a chance to tease with their design or share a bunch of code so I decided to dedicate this post for a giveaway. And by the away, there is a one condition for forthcoming dribbblers they must accept to enter the giveaway: no "Thank you" shots! Not joking!

How To Attend

Just do one (or more, whatever is acceptable for you) of these actions:

  • Tweet this post (button on the left);
  • Like this post (as well);
  • Love this shot on Dribbble.

...and leave a comment here including:

  1. Invitation you want: Dribbble or Forrst (+link to your profile);
  2. Link to your portfolio or any other source that describes your experience or potential;
  3. Mention what of three actions above did you perform.

That's it! I'm willing to share these invites with people who love simple, aesthetic design or clean, semantic code (or better both).


Will be announced here in a week or two (depends on the quality of submissions).


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