I work at Naturkartan – a digital guide to the nature where we promote outdoor life, by building online applications to ease and inspire people to go into the wild. Being responsible for frontend code I make sure our applications are accessible and usable for browsers and people.

Odd Camp 2016—2023

At Odd Camp we were building first-rate digital products, from vision to launch and beyond. Using technology responsibly we used to create long-lived digital products and attentive client experiences. I was a frontend developer and a lead responsible for frontend code quality and strategy.

Independent Consulting 2003—2016

During the years I worked on 300+ projects, from single page applications and brochure websites to ecommerce and community powered platforms, directly with clients as well as in creative teams. Here are some highlights…


Readerrr was a web application for subscribing and reading RSS feeds which I solely created right after Google shut their app down. I ran the app for about a year in 2014-2015., previously known as, is Lithuania’s biggest directory of small craftsmen businesses. I co-founded it in 2012. It was acquired in 2015. I was mainly responsible for graphic, web design and frontend development.


KALBU.LT is a VoIP for business service that I co-founded 2011, and it was acquired a couple of years later. I was responsible for building the online VoIP management system.

One more thing…

The other work of mine that didn’t get the honorable mention here is available for a preview on social platforms. Previous versions of my personal websites are also up for browsing as static websites.